Zip Zap Gifts is a software that allows businesses to organize, brand and send thoughtful company gifts to their employees and clients. At ZZG, we take care of people! We're here to help automate thoughtfulness, so that no matter how big the company is, people always feel taken care of.

After you upload your recipients into our web app, you will be given the choice to send them a "Favorites" email. Zip Zap will collect the recipients "Favorites" for their Gift Profile, helping you send them perfectly thoughtful gifts.

We are partnered with incredible brands that offer the best, so that you can give your employees and clients the best.

Use the robust software to:
  • Send welcome boxes to your new employees or clients
  • Manage company gifts from one dashboard
  • Remind you of fun office holidays
  • Brand incredible swag for your team
  • Send out Birthday and Anniversary gifts
  • Alert your team of important dates and events
  • Keep track of your employee and clients "favorites"